Melissa Dominiak Artist

Melissa Dominiak Artist

My current body of work focuses on interior spaces and the manner in which these spaces are occupied by ordinary objects. Pillows. Books. Comfortable chairs. Unmade beds. Entities that provide us with a sense of peace, comfort, and tranquility. Heirlooms that spark memories of a time-gone-by. I sometimes fragment or slice the main focal point in my composition, inspiring a further challenge to portray these conventional objects in an unconventional way.

Melissa Dominiak Artwork 1
Melissa Dominiak Artwork 2
Melissa Dominiak Artwork 3

I have another body of work in progress. These acrylic paintings are compositionally created using the combination of three elements. 1. A building/structure 2. An ordinary object and 3. A familiar adage, aphorism, or axiom.

The idea for a painting begins with any of these three elements as inspiration. I will build a model in my studio which creatively captures my idea. I will then take many photographs. Using these photographs as a reference, I will incorporate color, texture, and various visual elements as I create my composition.

Why a building/structure? I love architecture. And, I’m passionate about capturing 3-dimensional space. Building elements supply an endless amount of inspiration….doors, windows, staircases, walls, floors, rooms, hallways, rooflines….

Why an ordinary object? I feel that when visual art has a universal element to which viewers can relate, the art will speak to a larger number of people.

Why a common phrase? This element generally serves as the title for the painting, perhaps allowing the viewer a literal understanding of the piece.

Melissa Dominiak Artwork 4
Melissa Dominiak Artwork 5
Melissa Dominiak Artwork 6

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