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Design vs. Dimension with Hand-Made Paper

DATE & TIME: Saturday, January 17, 2015, 10a.m.-4p.m.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Caters to all craft skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

WHAT TO BRING: scissors, roll of wax paper, masking tape, straight edge

COST: $75

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In a fun and innovative way, participants will learn how to utilize several basic design techniques of color, texture, balance, and scale. Whether it be the beauty and texture of hand-made paper, the 3-dimensional form with its various geometry and planes, or the application of painted embellishments to create balance and symmetry, participants are sure to go home equipped with a beautifully adorned 3-dimensional masterpiece.

Great Room Design Haus: Design Workshop 11. Begin your design transformation with a plain, tired, wooden, functional object of your choice – mini-wall shelves, candle holders, trays, bowls – all provided. Or, bring your own!
InsidePage22. Pick your colorful array of textured, hand-made papers (also provided.)
InsidePage33. Learn paper application techniques, using brushes and PVA glue. A step beyond the “Modge Podge” approach that one will find at craft stores, participants will learn a more sophisticated approach to paper application based on book-binding and book repair techniques.
InsidePage44. Learn basic painting techniques to embellish your project, giving it a further, personal touch.

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