Photo by Tim Lloyd/St. Louis Public Radio

About the Artist

I have been accompanied by an incredibly loyal and steadfast companion throughout my life, beginning in earliest childhood. A friend who…

Provided an escape from the constant chaos and mayhem of a very LOUD family.

Sat next to me and calmed my adolescent storms.

Gave me a tap on the shoulder and reminded me that maybe I didn’t choose a career path that was congruent with my goals and dreams.

Became my partner-in-crime when having to make my own choices and decisions, not the choices and decisions of others.

Wrapped its arms around me in times of loneliness.

Visited me in my dreams at night.

Gave me a gentle nudge. Or a kick in the ass. Whenever I needed a hard dose of reality.

But most importantly, has continued to nourish me with confidence, courage, discipline, motivation, resilience, self-awareness and personal growth.

We all have this friend. We just choose it, use it, and relate to it differently.

Its name is Creativity.