Great Room Design Haus Metamorph Design Project

Metamorph by Design Project Series

The Metamorph by Design Project Series is the vision of artist Melissa Dominiak, owner of the Great Room Design Haus. Built in 1890, this breathtaking Gothic Revival structure was built by two German brothers as a Pilgrim Congregational church. The building has gone through various transformations over the past century, all the while maintaining its exquisitely carved woodwork, majestically vaulted ceilings, and beautifully colorful stained glass windows, all examples of the finest craftsmanship of that era. It is this dedication to an elegant aesthetic that Melissa strives to incorporate into her venture.

The Metamorph by Design Project Series is an all encompassing creative and design oriented merging of stylish community events, art & design workshops, and architectural design/build projects. While the Great Room Design Haus is the building in which the fusion of these events take place, it is the life and vitality of these events that will dictate the physical metamorphosis of the conceptual or real-life fabrications within. Whether it be the addition of a 3-story living space in the choir loft to house resident artists, a small redesign of an office space using only recycled materials for small business rental, or a restoration undertaking that unfolds with community participation, the purpose is to breathe inspirational design not only into the community, but into the very building that is housing this innovative undertaking.