While it typically connotates a monetary reference, I’m opting to remove the financial emphasis from the phrase……

Feathering One’s Nest – To achieve benefits by taking advantage of the opportunities with which one is presented.

I’ve had the opportunity for the last several days to observe a female Cardinal building her nest right outside my window. I sit in front of this window in the early hours of the morning, drinking my coffee, feeling peace in the quiet, contemplating the day ahead of me. To have had the opportunity to watch as she constructed her nest, while sitting just a couple feet away, made me kind of giddy. I find birds nests extraordinary. The engineering and design have always filled me with amazement, fascination and intrigue.

There is usually a space around us where we can find some peace, whether it be the couch in front of a window or even the bed we crawl into every night. We all have nests. Line them with beautiful things that make you happy and give you peace.

Part of my birds’ nest collection.

Acrylic Painting. 36”x48”


Acrylic Painting with antique frame. 8”x10” (canvas size)